Welcome to Burlap Chic Boutique! I’m Kendra Herron Hale the owner and creator of Burlap Chic, I’m so excited of my brick and mortar store I wanted to have a online boutique that reflected the feeling of when you are in Burlap and shopping directly with me!!  I pride myself on giving my guests a personal shopping experience that make them feel very exclusive but also very familiar as if we were neighbors for years. My goal is to have women find a new confidence in their figure, a pride in their appearance and a swagger in their stride.

I am personally available to anyone that reaches out locally or via the website to style them, navigate the store or search for a specific outfit need. 

My store is all about loving the small-town life but having a big city attitude. I was born and raised in Montana but left when I was a young girl, we moved to Fairbanks, AK in 1977 until I graduated HS then moved to Long Beach, CA to attend a fashion institute, lived in TX briefly after returning from Europe directly after college. I have influences from so many different place, cultures and experiences, it's a unique recipe. 

I have many years of fashion modeling, retail fashion sales, boutique stylist, wholesale clothing rep, cosmetic manager for Estee' Lauder along with many other positions all connected with fashion, until 25 years ago when I moved back to MT directly from OC and found myself although incredibly happy, in a place that was at the time so dated in their exposure that my style and fashion direction had no place here and retail in Hamilton could not pay the bills.  I found myself in bartending and serving at The Banque Club. 

 My heart is connected and very proud of my roots and the four generations before me that called this home, so I wanted my store to  The selection of clothes you’ll find at Burlap have been personally selected by me and come from years of experience in the fashion industry in California and Europe.

There is a real story and a vibe when you shop with Burlap that you won't find in any other store. The store is a representation of everything that I'm about, fashion, small town community, and family. I appreciate your support!