Welcome to Burlap Chic Boutique! I’m Kendra Herron Hale the owner and creator of Burlap Chic and I’m so excited that you’re shopping with us. My store is all about loving the small-town life but having a big city attitude. It’s all about being able to garden and play with the cattle and then cleaning up to dress in a way that even the cows would blush. I was born and raised in Montana, so I wanted my store to represent the way I grew up to connect with women and girls who are like me. The selection of clothes you’ll find at Burlap have been personally selected by me and come from years of experience in the fashion industry in California and Europe.

There is a real story and a vibe when you shop with Burlap that you won't find in any other store. The store is a representation of everything that I'm about, fashion, small town community, and family. I appreciate your support!