Sugar Mama Denim Jacket

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Sugar Mama rhinestone letter,  washed denim jacket!


Classic denim jacket style, but hold the classic! This subtlel distressed, washed, colored denim jacket in the perfect shade of "Girl Power" pink, doesn't have any Classic denim jacket qualities! 


The shade of pink is absolutely perfect,  the washed and faded denim is done so great! It's age appropriate (if there is such a thing) for all women that love a great cover-up for your summer dresses, over a white bodysuit or tee, paired with your fav jeans,  rhinestone boots or sandals 👡 add some awesome jewelry and you've got a stunning, fun look! 


Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with this special addition!  Don't forget to grab your Sugar Mama Shimmer, edible drink glitter in "Girl Power Pink" or the other 10+ color potions....I mean options ✨️ to make you next special event or Friday girls night, extra sparkley, fun and just Extra!! ✨️

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