Jamie's Glow

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☆Jamie's Glow☆

•Pine & Sage Candles

•8oz coconut wax 

•Notes of Southern Peach 🍑

Cherry 🍒 🌸 Blossom & Vanilla 

•Fragrance notes that transport you to a Southern Atlantic Ocean Beach.  Smell of salt water, tanning oil & blossoming fruit trees, leave you carefree & peaceful. You've arrived at your Happy Place & with an abundance of time.

•Locally made

•Montana made~Stevensville, MT

Created & inspired by Kendra Hale owner/operator Burlap Chic Boutique & life long friend

Jamie Lyn O'Roark Lee 💙💜💙


Jamie's Glow is a tribute to a life that burned so hot & bright that it just couldn't sustain that intensity for the long haul. 

Jamie & I met in 1982 in Fairbanks, AK, when our two elementary schools joined to start 7th grade at Ryan Jr. High.  We became friends quickly & formed a special lifelong bond that would span another 30 years!!

We were inseparable in our sophomore year when her family planned to move to Hickory, NC.  We felt our worlds tearing apart, but that didn't stop our strong friendship from thriving. I spent time in FL & NC over the next few years.  Last time I saw Jamie was Christmas of 1986, when I spent the Holidays with her family in Hickory.  Although we were only 16, she had met her love Andy Hoyle, who she later married & had two beautiful girls, Mallory & Mariah, that were her everything!! She prided herself on motherhood & devoted her life and love to them! 

October 1st the news of Jamie's death was a like someone had just reached in and twisted my gut! It was hard to explain, but it just felt very personal to me! I was shocked at my reaction of learning of our loss!!

I guess because Jamie's story & mine were so painfully similar in regards to alcoholism!!

We shared a dark secret thru the years that we were hiding from many, but not from each other. Even tho Jamie & I hadn't seen each other since we were 16, we stayed in close contact! 🖤

A common topic was our indulgence of wine lol 🙄 and the abuse we inflicted thru those grapes 🍇 to ourselves and others! Jamie & I both were battling our demons & burying  them with alcohol. We found some comfort in the knowledge that we weren't so rare of a breed or alone in that struggle. 

Jamie's inner voice and message she told herself daily was so far from the reality that we all felt and saw in her!  She was so loved & idolized by so many, she just couldn't feel it! She was so beautiful with the most amazing kind and generous heart that she never hesitated to shared with anyone, no matter who you were!!

Our stories & struggles paralleled but they end very differently.

Regretfully even Jamie did not know, as many still don't, that February 24th, 2020, I took my last drink. Most people, including some of my very best & longest friendships still don't know, but now it's time to celebrate my proudest achievement!!

Instantly after Jamie's passing I knew I had to attend her services! And so I did, I booked a ticket to Hickory, NC coordinated with Brook (who I hadn't seen in 36 years)💙 & his wife Gwen O'Roark.  💕 

It was life changing to be able to be a part of her life celebration. It was the most meaningful reconnection with people from the past and the beginning of new friendships that will last a lifetime. 


In NC at every celebration & gathering the common theme was fragrance, candles, room/body sprays & more candles. Jamie loved them all, smelly good things. 

I was inspired to create a candle in her name and memory 💜🩴💛 that would transport you to her Happy Place,  The Beach! 🏖

A candle to keep her light glowing and remind people you never know who is battling their own demons behind the smiles you see! 

Our story may be the one that even one person needs to hear to change their path! 🤷‍♀️💛💜

I'm so incredibly proud & honored to be raising money in Jamie's name for NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness 

Jamie Lyn O'Roark Lee 


To purchase Jamie's Glow & help support Mental Health 


🏖Jamie's Happy Place the beaches ⛱️ of South Carolina and Florida. 🏖

   Keep her light glowing 


 Jamie's Glow


Notes of

•Southern peach • Cherry blossom • Vanilla

 Days spent on warm white sandy beaches, with salt air breezes blowing just enough to cool you off from the sizzling summer sun. Tanning oil wafts in the air & fresh squeezed tropical fruits made into the most refreshing island cocktails and served to you in your hammock, while you watch the purple & pink of the sky melt into the teal blues of the ocean. It is the most peaceful perfect place, where time stands still, and troubles are no longer.











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